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Here we do our best to answer everything you might want to know, but if your question's not answered here please email us using the contact button below.

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F A Q ' S

How do I sign up?

To subscribe to The Bright Way visit the Subscribe page, then purchase the "Schools" plan and follow the sign-up and payment process to complete your subscription. We will then get in contact with you and send across The Bright Way agreement terms and all the information you need.

What are the cost's involved?

The total amount for The Bright Way is either £6000 for the 'School' option or £10,200 for 'School+'. This is broken down into 12 monthly payments of £500. or £850, designed to make videos more affordable for schools. For this reason The Bright Way is a fixed-term 12-month subscription.

Why is it a good option for video content?

The Bright Way is designed to make it more afforable for schools to have more professional video content. With this service schools get acess to 4 videos or video updates spread throughout the year for whatever purpose they may need.

What kind of videos can be produced with it?

We can cater for many video types from promotional videos, event videos, headteacher speeches. A full list of our video ideas can be found on The Bright Way page - but we are open to discuss any video ideas that aren't on there. All videos can be up-to 15 minutes in length (1hr 30 minutes for performance videos - i.e. school plays, concerts) and filmed in maximum 2 separate locations within a 30-mile radius, with a minimum 1 hour travel/set-up time.

What if I want more than 4 or 6 videos?

If you want more than 4 or 6 videos in a year, or more than 1 video in a yearly quarter, we will produce this as a one-off video, possibly given at a discounted fee. Alternatively there’s the option of having both videos made as The Bright Way videos, produced in different quarters, but you release them at the same time.

What are the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions are avaible here, they are also available on the Homepage and Subscribe page. You will also recieve a copy of them when you subscribe.

What if I miss a video?

We will make sure to contact you to arrange planning your next quarter's video with plenty of time to get it completed. We ask that you book any filming with us at least 3 weeks in advance so we can guarantee we can film your video. Ultimately, it is the school's responsibility to make sure the video is planned and filming is organised with enough time to complete the video within the 3 months, including thinking about the factor of school holidays. If the video isn't completed because of an unpreventable issue (such as the school being involuntarily closed etc.) we will carry forth the unfulfilled videos and apply a discount to a further year of The Bright Way. If the video isn't completed because of a preventable issue (such as disorganisation, staff being off/leaving etc.) we cannot carry forth the unfulfilled videos and you will miss them.

What if I want a video that is spread across multiple schools?

We want to help create whatever video you need. If you would like a video that is filmed in more than 2 locations we can film this as a one-off project at a discounted fee.

What do I get from The Bright Way?

By subscribing to The Bright Way you get: - Free choice over video types/options - 4 videos a year - 1 delivered every 3 months (6 with School+) - Video updates (counted as 1 video) - Discounts rates of one-off projects - Affordable monthly finance plan

Who owns the video and footage?

We hold ownership over all content filmed and produced from all of our videos, including raw footage. These are held to full copyright laws. You are licensed as per our agreement to use your own videos for the uses described and agreed. Video permissions must be sorted and obtained before any filming takes place.

What if I'm not happy with a video?

We will work with you to make sure you are happy with your final video products, including any re-shooting (at our own negligence only), and provide 14 days of free revisions. Once a video is approved we will not amend it any further.

What is the process for making the videos?

1. Two weeks before the start of the next quarter, we will email you to start organsing and planning your next video. We will develop a brief that meets your video criteria. Once approved, we will discuss dates to film and filming requirements. 2. We will film with the school's designated project lead to ensure filming goes smoothly for all parties involved. 3. We then edit the footage and provide a draft for you to see, with 14 days of free revisions. Once you're happy with your final video we will send you the final video package optimsed for all platforms that you intend to show it.

How do you take payment?

Once signed and approved, payments of £500 are made through 12 monthly direct debits from the bank account provided on sign up. Credit or other forms of payment are not accepted. We will process the first payment after subscribing and contact you with our contract. We will then be in touch about producing your first video.

What if I don't want a video one quarter?

By subscribing to The Bright Way you are committing to a fixed financial plan that entitles you to produce one video per quarter. You do not have to use all these four videos; if you choose not to have a video one quarter that is competely up to you! We recommend you utilise all available videos as payments will still be processed monthly. So we can guarantee we can provide the same quality service to all our customers in a fair and equal manner, you cannot 'save up' your unused videos.

Can I cancel the subscription?

The subscription is set to auto-renew after 12 months. You can finish the subscription in the 12th month, after your final payment has been received. We will contact you in the 11th month to see if you would like the subscription to auto-renew. Because of the nature of the service, it being a fixed 12-month agreement, you cannot prematurely 'cancel' the subscription. Essentially you are paying a discounted price for 4 videos on a finance plan - just like you would by buying a phone on a finance plan.

What if I can't make a payment?

In the event you cannot fulfil a monthly payment, you will pay interest on the outstanding amount until payment is fulfilled. Please see Terms and Conditions for more details. We will suspend services to you and revoke the rights for you to use any previous videos made with the The Bright Way service until all oustanding payments have been recieved. Once any missed payments have been resolved we will resume the service and restore your video rights. We are not liable for any videos missed during months that payment is not fulfilled. Note: once payment has been fulfilled for 12 months, the licenses of videos produced as part of The Bright Way, will remain yours to use.