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the future of video

Elevate your business by investing in an annual video content plan from Bright Production House.

Get professional videos delivered quarterly. Videos delivered #thebrightway.

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What is the Bright way?

The Bright Way is our annual video content plan delivered quarterly that gives you access to more video 

content over the year in a more affordable, time-friendly and seasonal way. 


The perfect investment to add video to your social media and marketing sales campaigns, no matter your business industry.

With multiple videos to spread across the year or as you need them, you can constantly be promoting your business out there with up-to-date, relevant content, drawing in more sales and scaling larger audiences who are ultimately more engaged in your content and therefore your business.



There is no better or engaging way

to connect with customers

online than through video content.

Show your business off the best way, through video. With so many options of video types - wether selling a product or service, or yourself, we can help you dream big and achieve your video goals through video. Show customers exactly who you are with adverts, explainers, tours and any videos you dream of.

More for your money

Premium content without a premium price. With The Bright Way, your business can get better value, have premium quality videos and more of them. 

With an individual video content plan, you can make video content the best for your business, in an affordable way, without loosing production quality. We take out the majority of the expenses of video projects, such as equipment, so you don't pay more than you need to.


What videos can you make?

There are so many types of videos we can help you produce as part of The Bright Way.

Ultimately, we can produce nearly any kind of video for you from product, service or business adverts, video toursinternal communication videos and more.

Click below to see some examples of how video could work for your business.


Increase sales of your products and services by having promotionals produced to let your clients know exactly what it is and why they should invest in it. We use video marketing strategies that work with your identified target audiences to appeal most to the people you want to see your video. Promotional videos have brilliant ROI. 


Are you launching a new product? Or have an old one you want to revitalise? A video will sell it like no other way. Make an exciting promo, announcement video or an explainer to get your audience hyped for your product and share it with others. Our videos are designed to communicate your key ideals to your target market.


Case Studies for services bring trust to your business and the most important part of marketing is trust. Provide clients with personal experiences, show them real-life scenarios and tell them why they should be involved too. Our case study videos can be documentary-style or something a little more creative depending on your style or target.


If your company is holding an event - an awards evening, a guest speaker or just a fun day we'd love to come too and capture it to re-live forever. Host it on your website or publish it to social media and share with those who follow you too. Our event videos are made to capture events just as they are made to be remembered.


Create a lasting legacy of a conference / seminar event. Whether it's an annual event or a one-off conference with guest speakers, make whatever happens there accessible far into the future by having it filmed. It also gives access to those unable to attend. Quality conference videos can provide important material required for organisations to recap at any moment.


Nothing can help sell a product or service like a professional explainer video. Explainers increase conversions and direct sales by getting straight to the point and letting the product or service sell itself.  Demonstrate a product or explain your service or business in an engaging, easy-to-understand way.


Establish your brand and show your value as a company. With a recruitment video you can show prospective candidates a side to your company they may not get to see. Employing talent that is drawn to your company can help you create a stronger workforce.


For companies large and small, it's important to talk to each other. Video is the perfect way to do that. Reach those who you need to in an engaging format, make it entertaining it's that's your style, make it slick and professional too. 


How it works

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