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We are a passionate and creatively diverse company, producing a wide variety of video content. Our mission is to enjoy creativity, work collaboratively with and produce bespoke, professional videos for all our clients. We use our creative nature to try and cater of everyone, whatever their vision, requirements or budget,  whatever the occasion.

The Bright Way is our content-plan video service where our customers can get more for their money, more videos and fulfil long-term goals through video. We offer set plans for Schools and Business, and also bespoke, scaleable plans for businesses with specific goals. Each plan gives you a video and filming day allowance per quarter. 

Film Production

video content.

Our video content plans are designed for two big things. First, for our clients to be able to have a constant flow of video content for frequent posting online through social media and website. Second, to make having more video content more cost-effective. 

How it works.

sign-up and set-up Content plan and Monthly payments
we organise and make your videos that fit your plan
finish or renew
at end of your plan
pick or create your plan.

Pick from our selection pre-composed content plans or work with us to create your own bespoke plan. All plans are 12-months minimum and customisation options range from plan durations, quantity of videos and style of content - such as regular social media content creation or longer videos for website content.

Discounted videos rates.

We can offer our content plan videos at a discounted rate as it allows us as a business to forecast our cashflow. Alongside this, any extra videos you'd like that fall outside of your content plan, you also can get at a discounted fee.

monthly support.

Each month we are on hand to deliver support, assist with any video prep and planning, provide video ideas and advice. We built great relationships with our regular customers, so much so you can think of us as an outsourced extended member of your media or marketing team. 

For Businesses.
Writing on Glass

The Bright Way

for Businesses.

Our content plans for businesses are designed to flow with and work however is best for your business and for the type of content you are after.

For example if you are a brand with a large social media content demand we can set you up on a plan design to deliver you 5 short videos a month for 1-3 years. 

If you are a company looking for quarterly internal communication videos we can organise a 1 year plan where you get 4 dedicated videos to your communication goals.

The point is - whatever you need, we can create it.

For schools.

The Bright Way


Our content plans are designed as a way for schools, colleges and universities to access more premium video content in a more affordable way. Whether you are a school who already utilises promotional videos or records school plays or don't yet, The Bright Way for Schools unlocks a modern way for schools to promote themselves, capture and remember performances and events and communicate effectively with parents, students and prospective parents and students.

the perks of it.


A content plan means you don't necessarily have to prioritise which video to make or try and put in as much content as possible in a single video - because you get multiple.  With all of our plans you can get a least 3 videos over 12 months, so you have time to schedule, plan and create your videos ahead of time or to arrive on time - which in the long run can save you time by pre-planning your content.


Our plans we offer are the result of discounted video fees - meaning you are getting more for your money and are saving ££'s every year.

Also the longer plan you make, the more discount you get. 

a fountain of ideas.

Not only are we here to produce your videos, we are also here to help inspire ideas for your video plans and suggest video ideas you might not have thought of. Together we can develop content ideas and work out your goals and objectives and how best we can do this through video. Think of us as your fairy-god-parents...but for videos.


Regular customersmeans regular filming, so we provide all our Bright Way customers priority filming and editing over-one-off projects, meaning you don't have to worry about not meeting timeline goals or any overloading .

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