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the future of video

Elevate your school content by investing in an annual video content plan from Bright Production House. Designed with schools in mind, get professional videos delivered quarterly. Get more content for amazing value.

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What is the Bright way?

The Bright Way is our quarterly video content plan that gives you access to more video 

content over the year in a more affordable, time-friendly and seasonal way. 

Monthly payments

Designed with schools in mind.

A monthly payment fee helps reduce

one-time large-sum fees so schools can focus on the important - learning.

Nothing is more engaging and direct than video. Having video content helps schools showcase their facilities and their students achievements, impress parents and represents amazing modern school life. Show people exactly who you are with promotional videos, event videos and any videos you dream of!

Unique Content

Endless video opportunities

There is so much that can be made and communicated through video to share with students and parents

Video is the perfect method of showcasing your school and delivering communications, but that’s not all it has to be for. Our high-quality videos are far more beneficial than doing-it-yourself. You wouldn’t want students to settle for second-best so your school shouldn’t settle for second-best video content.

More for your money

Premium content without a premium price. With The Bright Way, schools can get better value, have premium quality videos and more of them. 

More content doesn’t mean less quality. Video quality is so great now and will last as long as you need and can be updated regularly. The Bright Way isn’t just for individual schools either. For Academies, Trusts, MATS this is the perfect way to spread promotions across your many schools in a budget-friendly way. 


What videos can you make?

There are so many options of the types of videos that can be produced as part of The Bright Way. 

Ultimately, we can produce nearly any kind of video for you from promotional videos, subject-focused videos to highlights or full recordings of school events and speeches.  

How it works

sign-up and set-up £500 Monthly  subscription
Plan and make 1 video of
 your choice every 3 months
finish or renew
at end of year
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